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This quote from Stephen Downes powerpoint jumped out at me.  My education background keeps me thinking about how schools do not make use of this learning theory.  One of the big reasons to me is the perceived need of educators to have control of the learning environment and be in control of the classroom.  I agree with Downes thoughts below!

–      Control is Impossible

  • Even where control seems desirable, it is not practical
  • Creating control effectively destroys the network
Allowing unbridled connections to permeate learning creates rich and personal learning experiences and opportunities.



I retired as a Minnesota middle school principal (1300 student school) in July 2011 after 38 years in education.  In 3 weeks I defend my dissertation and complete a three year journey in a doctoral program.  Registering for the MOOC class CCK12 sounded like a great opportunity to be part of something I am very interested in…. the open, collaborative and connected world that education is now facing.

Connectivism as a learning theory is a very interesting concept.  I’m anxious to learn more!

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